Optimized Community Management (OCM4U) is a professional Property Management Company that believes in win-win-win strategies that benefit all stake holders, while providing financially sustainable property management solutions. The resident home owners, investor owners and tenants in the community all have priorities, and OCM4U believes in addressing each of these in a sustainable and respectful manner. In order to provide satisfaction on a consistent basis, the starting point is clarity of objectives. In discussion with the Board of Directors (BOD), OCM4U will develop objectives that are published, achievements evaluated and periodical reports published. While OCM4U will focus on priorities set by the Board of Directors of each Community, OCM4U offers a menu of services that the BOD may choose from. These services may broadly be listed as follows:

  • Manage monthly assessments collection, and take appropriate action on defaulting home owners
  • Administer maintenance and all administrative tasks in an efficient and timely manner
  • Execute payments to all vendors and service providers as authorized by the Board
  • Manage procurement of products and services for the benefit of the community,including identification of vendors and negotiation of contracts
  • Meticulously maintain accounts, submitting Income & Expenditure Statements each month
  • Develop Annual Budget, obtain BOD and Members approval, manage expenses to be compliant with approved budget and report each month the Actual Expenses Vs Budget and manage variances
  • Provide required support with scheduling all meetings of Unit Owners, Board of Directors and Annual and/or Special Meetings
  • Take timely action on directives issued by the Board from time to time
  • Constitute, manage and support committees as authorized by the Board of Directors
  • Satisfactorily execute any other tasks assigned by the Board of Directors