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Timely and cost effective recruiting of employees and contractors is critical to the success of every company.  Our recruiting teams ensure the best possible talent is available for every open position.

Key Benefits

  • Dedicated recruiting team prepared to work 24/7 to meet peaks and valleys in demand
  • Experienced recruiters help source, qualify and short list candidates for technical interview
  • Technical team conducts interviews and screens candidates for every open position
  • Fully qualified short listed candidates are submitted to client account manager or hiring manager


Depending on need, services include sourcing of candidates, qualifying them, performing technical interviews and screening, scheduling hiring manager interviews, negotiating terms of employment, following up once offer of employment is issued, facilitating the on-boarding of candidates, mentoring employees, conducting opinion surveys, facilitating reviews and providing world class HR support.

  • Recruiting
  • Will source candidates from Employment Portals, internal database, competitors' work force and locate passive candidates with excellent credentials.
  • Immigration
  • When there is a need, will provide appropriate services to address immigration and visa services required by candidates and employees. This includes managing overseas branch offices.
  • HR Services
  • Will provide world class HR Services, depending on internal structure of client company.

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